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I remember staring at my mother’s collection of family photos when I was six years old in my hometown of Des Moines, Iowa. I absolutely could not comprehend how I was able to see an image of my beautiful mother when she was a child. Right then I fell in love with how a single and seemingly mundane, but beautiful moment in time could be snatched out of this process called life to be adored and appreciated for years to come. From the genesis of my photographic journey in Powder Springs, Georgia I have been photographing people living this gorgeous process called life since 2007. This gift of photography was literally given to me from above. I have special heartbeats for black and white photography, wedding, documentary, lifestyle (family & portrait) photography. My style of photography is thought provoking, creative and emotional. My hope is that you feel something...anything. I continue to bring the awe and organic perspective of that six year old girl with me to every project. Consequently, I was inspired to name my passion What Once Was Photography. By the grace of God, this dreamer gets to do that which she loves and gets to become a part of so many lives and for that I’m eternally grateful! 

Jontisha Marie